Value Your Time

This is a three hour study that was imposed on me by one of the teachers (Teodor) in the hangout on Google Plus. It was really fun and really frustrating all at the same. If was frustrating because it’s difficult for me to get subtle values and to apply them in Photoshop. It was really fun because I can already see myself thinking of things differently and thus laying things down on a piece more efficiently. This 3 hour study was broken down into a 1.5 hour Sketch, and 1. 25 hours of painting, leaving about 5 minutes for detailing the piece with cracks. Moving forward, I will have more of these projects in order to progress. I’m basically getting a full scale art education one day at a time. This is have been going strong for 29 days straight and I hope to do something fun for my 30 day mark tomorrow. Thank you to all who are taking this journey with me and as always comments and critique are not only welcome, but encouraged.


5 thoughts on “Value Your Time

  1. Very good! I can tell you spent that 3 hours very well — the shading is impeccable. Portraits are very intimidating to people because of the emotional attachment we have to the face, and you’ve done better than most could in 3 hours I’d say. My only critique is the mouth — the expression is changed from being…I want to say sultry, but that may be too strong of a word — to being kind of sad or disgusted. The girl in the left photo has much more outward confidence than the one in the right.

    Good job!

  2. If you are looking for advice:After you sketch, start by blocking in the the values first, be loose about it, instead of focusing on the details. The hard part is getting out of the habit of drawing that way. If you are new to the fundamentals(Perspective,Composition, Anatomy, Contrast etc) I would probably search online for how to shade tonal values on geometric forms with different lightings. I would not start on facial features without a solid knowledge of the fundamentals.
    If you are not looking for advice: Feel free to ignore/delete this.
    All the best

    • Thanks Sam! I am always looking for advice so please feel free to follow along with me and comment and critique as I go. I am doing things a bit oddly, since I am a professional in the field I do some big projects, but since I have no formal art training and my eye is not as developed as I’d like, I am going back to the basics to fill in the gaps. It’s probably odd to hear that I am a professional without a Formal art education, However I am very serious in my pursuit to understand and develop a fundamental knowledge that I have been lacking my last 10 years as an artist.

      Thank you very much for your input and feel free to comment anytime.

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