Absinthe Deck Queen of Hearts


I’m trying different ideas on all these concepts to see what I like the best. I’m trying different clothing styles and outfits based on the people wearing them. Bear in mind, these are only concepts and are very likely to change by the end of the project. It is particularly challenging for me to draw the body poses and then clothe them. 

The last card I did seemed to have left people feeling like it was Italian Renaissance, what do you guys think about this one? Does it look more French? Perhaps Swiss? Share your thoughts below. 


4 thoughts on “Absinthe Deck Queen of Hearts

    • Yes, I was trying to see if changing to a Bonnet or other type of brimmed hat might drive home the period more so than the location. As I’m to understand it, there was little difference between the English and French fashions between most of the Victorian era. There were of course subtle differences but I’m even considering trying to get away from a regional look and more covering the concept of whom might be seen partaking of Absinthe. At the moment, I’m undecided, but I am heavily researching all facets and am definitely welcome to suggestions.

    • Not a bad idea Matthew, since the general range of Absinthe usage is from 1792 (when it was created as a medicinal treatment) all the way to about 1914 when it was banned. I could definitely see a wide variety of clothing and options available, I’m just not certain how they’d hang together as a theme if the time periods of the clothing are to disparate.

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