Absinthe Deck Queen of Spades

For a long time I’ve been working on a concept for my next deck of playing cards, but every time I sat down to work on it, I was unable to convey my thoughts into art. I would get frustrated and then walk a way. Today, for the first time in months, I was able to sit down and focus on this card and convey my original concept for this card. The goal is to represent the court cards as French Victorian era individuals and then be able to turn the outfits into actual outfits for my wife to wear. The problem that I can foresee is the hood makes it seem anything other than French Victorian. So my question is this: Is there anyway to incorporate the hood which I have for both design and aesthetic principles for the real life version, or do I need to ditch the hood and go for a hat and curly hair as is predominantly seen in Victorian fashion plates? 

Some of the guys in the Conceptart.org hangout have stated that they feel it looks more Italian Renaissance than French Victorian and attribute it mostly to the hood and hairstyle. As always, this is an initial concept and is subject to change based on feedback and my own personal artistic taste. Please provide feedback and become part of the creative process. Together we can bring this deck to life. 


5 thoughts on “Absinthe Deck Queen of Spades

  1. If I might comment on the hood aspect. I have usually only seen a hood design on outwear such as a cloak, or a more scarf drape. I don’t think it changes your thought completely especially if you are doing more of a drug/drink motif as maybe it would be a mixture of an indulger might have seen in the haze of the usage.

    • Thanks Sharon, My thought was essentially the same. I didn’t want the hood to be attached to the dress, but more of a cloak to overlay so there would be options. A hat would likely accompany the ensemble, but I didn’t want to do more hats on my deck since it was a big part of my previous decks.

  2. If you want to be more specifically French for that time period you will be wanting to look into La Belle Epoque, which is the French name for the same time period (1850s-1910s), and includes the Art Nouveau aesthetic. These terms might help with some research into period for visual examples and reference.

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