Are You My Mummy (pt3)

While I am not completely satisfied with this and could keep working on it for a few more days, I believe that it is best for me to let this one be and move on. It was a lot of fun painting this and I’ve gotten great responses on my Facebook and other followers of my blog. I found this extremely challenging but at the same time very rewarding. For 3 days of effort to yield me something like this, I am very happy. The lighting was perhaps my most challenging part of this. the bandages were at the same time fun and quite tedious to paint. It’s tough to convey cloth and while I feel like I might have made him look slightly more metallic than intended, that it is still a great testament to the amount that I have learned over the last 25 days.ย 

What do you guys think could be improved upon? What are some suggestions you’d make for me for the future?ย 


3 thoughts on “Are You My Mummy (pt3)

  1. Looks pretty good, though the hard edge on the left side of the lighting break would suggest a sharp edge instead of a round body as would be appropriate here. The lighting break seems to be exaggerated a bit much, in that it’s a little too dark. The lighting on his feet makes them seem more like metal than it does cloth. I’d also just glaze the water in his eyes not actually making it blue, water is clear in small doses.

  2. Made me smile, so definitely cuteness factor achieved ๐Ÿ™‚ Agree with Yeti about the light effects. Maybe an added feel of texture to the cloth part would also change the bandages from the metallic look โ€“ or silk look to stay in the fabric jargon. I also think the body position is a bit to static (even for a mummy), and although it gives the figure a broken doll kind of look (which might be your intention?) it takes away some of the humor.

    • Thanks Yeti and Maria! I did feel like the feet and legs seemed overly shiny but I wasn’t sure how to correct it. I’ll be studying how to better convey different materials in the coming days. Also as far as body positioning, Anatomy is one of my weaker points so I wasn’t entirely sure how to convey Amumu’s sad, slumped walk. Thank you both for the compliments and feedback ๐Ÿ˜€

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