Forming a Foundation


Form has been a word that has eluded me for a long time. People always told me… “you need to work on your forms” or similar statements. I never knew, nor was taught, the simple definition: Form is the 3D representation of shape and form is revealed by light. Recently, I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot and finally just asked one of the guys in our hangout on Google+. After receiving the response, I went to work on understanding and learning how to light shapes in order to convey form. 

This is a very important thing for all beginner artists to learn and master. It is a fundamental that should not be ignored, and will stick out like a sore thumb if you get into the big leagues. Moving forward it will be part of my daily warm up to practice lighting shapes to reveal form. Currently my daily practice consists of: Freehand Straight Lines, Freehand Spheres, Freehand Ellipses, and Hand lettering and draftsmanship. 


One thought on “Forming a Foundation

  1. Decent! The Sphere the Cube and the Pyramid look great! I like the lighting bounce you did on the sphere as well. Helps anchor it onto its resting surface.

    I would recommend some more practice with cones and cylinders. With the cylinder, remember to account for the mass you don’t see curving around behind its silhouette when you’re portraying its projected shadow. The cone also seems to be missing its entire right side of the shadow. The principals for these are pretty similar to the sphere.

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