Who’da Thunk it?

ImageNo ruler was used in the construction of this illustration.

For the longest time I struggled with perspective. Mainly because I hated using the ruler and always doing something to jeopardize the integrity of the line. Over the last few days I have been practicing drawing straight lines and ellipses as well as free-handing spheres. Today, whilst messing around with straight lines I started thinking, I can draw lines this way, then that way, and “oh look I have a cube”. Then I quickly realized I was drawing in perspective and having fun. After free-handing about 15 – 20 cubes, I decided I would draw something recognizable in perspective. Initially it was going to be a building or city scene like you usually see when people begin drawing in perspective, and then… I just started drawing a Tardis instead. Ahhhh, my two loves coming together, Art & Make Believe. 

While it is not perfect, I can honestly say I am noticing a marked improvement in my confidence and my ability to draw a straight line without a ruler. The text in perspective probably could have been done much better but this was all about the perspective of the box itself. 


2 thoughts on “Who’da Thunk it?

  1. Rock on! Now all you have to work on is your distance termination, seems like the box is a -little- wide. The left side also terminates further into the back on the left side than it does on the right which probably also causes some disparity. Great job though. No problem whatsoever in being able to tell what this is 🙂

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