Get in Line!


So after hanging out with the guys in their hangout the last couple of days, they were all saying I needed to start practicing form and lighting. After linking me to a video where the guy was drawing free-form cubes and then the lighting and mathematically mapping out the shadows, I realized that I couldn’t even truly draw straight lines. So I went and found some videos on how to draw straight lines… this one: Design Sketching Lesson: How to Draw a Straight Line seemed to be the most simple and straight forward. They key as he points out, is to use a pen or a marker and commit to making the straight line. Here is a pile of papers of tonight’s practice. I pent about 45 minutes going through 15 sheets of paper and just drawing line after line. Eventually I tried a parabolic line setup and you’ll notice they do not all terminate at the intended location. However, I will be doing this daily from now on to bolster my ability and confidence in my line work. 


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