Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow


Today, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. I tried a free association technique employed by André Meister the following tutorial in which you simply let your brain jot out a shape, and then explore the possibilities of those shapes in just black and white. It was interesting just letting my mind wander. I’d make a mark and then all of a sudden a shape concept would appear. I’d flesh it out a bit, erase some, and before I knew it these characters were each taking on a life of their own.

I was pretty surprised by my results though I feel like I still kept some of the same elements in each one. If you try this, please respond with your examples in the comments. If you have any questions or comments please share them. Also if you have any ideas of topics I should explore please feel free to let me know.

Here is the video that inspired me to try this:


2 thoughts on “Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

    • Dude! Those Rock! I’m glad that you went ahead and colored one of them too. It shows that the idea was able to convey into a full rendering.

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