Gimme a Hand Here?

I am the first to admit that hand anatomy and I are not fully on speaking terms, yet it is not completely foreign to me anymore. I spent the entirety of the day looking for references and viewing tutorials as well as drawing guides on the subject. There is one hand in this series that literally made me think it was an alien claw or mutated human hand. I left it in just because I don’t want to only include my best in this blog. I want to show my vulnerabilities in my art in the hopes that other artists and mentors can help me along. 

That being said, If you come and check out this blog and you have questions or a comment… please don’t hold back, constructive criticism will not only help me, but anyone who might stumble across this blog and somehow be inspired by my goal of 365 days of Fantasy Art. 



2 thoughts on “Gimme a Hand Here?

  1. I love this study. Hands are always the hardest thing to draw because of how familiar we are with them. My favorite is the top middle pair holding something magical (it’s not there, he’s getting ready to cast a spell!).

    I’m very proud of all of your hard work and of the progress I have already seen over the past month that you’ve rededicated yourself to your studies. I can’t wait to see what you draw today!

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