Frustration in the Forest

So today, I woke up excited ready to tackle my “Art A Day” project. I kind of already knew I wanted to do an environment but wasn’t really sure how to proceed. I came across several sites that said thumbnailing about 12 ideas and then narrowing the focus to three was highly recommended. So I did just that. After looking at them a while, I picked 3 and started fleshing them out in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. They looked pretty sweet so I decided to add some color. Well, about half way through I decided I didn’t like the way that I was approaching painting them and realized that I’d started painting the color over my fleshed out sketches.

Here are the Thumbnails:

Then I figured I’d just pick one of them, I really liked the forest one anyway. I figured I could get some great colors in there and really play up a ethereal forest village. After about 2 hours of frustrated applications of colors I stripped the whole thing and just started redrawing it. Maybe tomorrow I can tackle the colors again, but for right now, I’m simply to frustrated to keep running into a wall.


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