The Angry Blue Monster


This is a great place to start. My name is Lance T. Miller. and I am an Artist, but often times I have doubts about my own abilities. The Angry Blue Monster is a subconscious rendering I did after watching a concept art tutorial on painting cute little monsters.( It is definitely an accurate depiction of my current mood in regards to my art. I am angry because I still struggle with things I’ve learned over and over and it affects my mindset when it comes to creating art.  Shortly after that I watched another video from the guy in that tutorial called: “Three Steps to Draw More Better”. In it Jamie Noguchi ( lays down the law, and says if you’re not creating art every day, you have no right to complain. I realized that I know better, and I am not living up to my full potential, mainly because I do not art every day.

With that said, I am dedicating 365 days to creating art, but more specifically Fantasy Art. I have amazing mentors and great friends that tell my I have real talent, but I have so much self doubt that it’s crippling at times. I will attempt to break myself of that self doubt over the next year, by simply creating “an art a day”. I will wake up and research a technique or a process, or perhaps a theme, or I’ll simply tackle some of my archnemeses (i.e. Perspective, Anatomy, Lighting). I will then post my thoughts and samples of the art that I’ve created for the day. Since I have a tendency to let projects run long, this will also be a good opportunity to force myself to work in tighter constraints.

Follow along with me, Comment, Critique, Share with your Friends, and most of all if you feel inspired, Create with me, and share your results. We can grow together.


2 thoughts on “The Angry Blue Monster

  1. Good for you, dude! Don’t feel bad about having to relearn something over and over again. You aren’t alone in that! Almost all artists I know need refresher courses on stuff from time to time. Going back to the basics once a year or so is a good idea for even the most accomplished folk.

    If you want a little extra help/inspiration, I keep a tumblr where I post tutorials, inspiration and stock (and some writing/design tips to a lesser extent):

  2. Thanks for the input Avery! I definitely don’t feel bad about having to relearn; I love learning. I think it’s mostly that feeling that I can’t seem to apply the information as readily as I’d like, and that is frustrating. Hopefully I will stay the course and do an art project every day for the next 364 days and that will unlock some of my mental slump.Also, I will absolutely take a look at your tumblr, who knows it may inspire one of my next pieces.

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